About Us

Pro Multis Media is dedicated to bringing your family inspirational, entertaining, and educational presentations that are high quality, family friendly and faithful to the authentic Traditions of the Church. With over thirty combined years of experience in media and apostolic work, the creative team at Pro Multis Media is working to offer Traditional Church teaching and spirituality in DVD, audio CD, and print presentations, in order to make the timeless truths of the Catholic Faith more accessible than ever before. We have placed Pro Multis Media under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title of Our Lady of Good Success. This devotion is traditionally associated with expectant mothers. That's one reason we consider it appropriate for a family oriented company like Pro Multis Media to seek her intercession. But also, in the 17th-century apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to the Conceptionist sister Mother Mariana de Jesus in Quito, Ecuador, Our Lady predicted turbulent times for the Catholic Faith that would become apparent in the 20th century, and promised that she would give Her Good Success to those who had recourse to her under this invocation True to Our Lady's words, many Catholics today are falling away from the Faith of their Fathers. That's why Pro Multis Media is dedicated to producing presentations for the whole family to help Catholic parents instill the truths of the Faith in their children and to help all Catholics to live those truths according to their state in life. Our Lady of Good Success, Pray for Us.